Waffles, waffles and more waffles at The Serendipity Inn

Below are a handful of breakfast items you may find bring served during your stay

  • Baileys irish cream waffles
  • Baileys salted caramel irish cream waffles with dark chocolate ghirardelli curls with caramel drizzle
  • Chicken sausage apple hash with summer savory
  • Praline caramel french toast
  • Orange blossom honey granola pancakes with salted honey Sauce, yogurt parfait cup, and apple sausage links
  • Creamy egg and cheese strata served with a cornbread bundt cake filled with a savory boursin cheese. Also comes with cornmeal encrusted maple bacon
  • Brown sugar banana french toast, apple sausage hash with chocolate laced kiwi and orange drizzled sauce
  • Baked apple french toast, almond rasberry ameretto muffins served with fresh fruit and ameretto sour cream sauce
  • Vanilla waffles with homemade warm vanilla syrup, sausage links, and popovers served with a selection of my homemade jams - which include Blueberry Grand Marnia, Mixed Berry Chambord, and a Rhubarb Peach Grand Marnier (signature collection N°2)
  • Baked bananas foster served with french vanilla ice cream, ultimate scrambled eggs, fresh herb new potatoes, and sausage links
  •  South of the Border scrambled eggs, smoked Andouille sausage apple hash, oven baked potatoes.
  • Salted caramel waffles, warm pear rasberry bruschetta, maple glazed bacon

Often you will find a basket of fresh muffins or a special cake made earlier that day some of our favorites include

  •  Expresso coffee cake
  •  Chocolate rum cake
  • Bread puddding with a warm bourbon sauce
  • Gooey pumpkin butter cake


We also try to include a fresh fruit parfait with each meal, a few being

  • Honeydew melon drizzled with a bit of honey, vanilla yogurt on top and sprinkled homemade granola
  • Poached apricots and greek yogurt with pistachios
  • Plum parfaits with yogurt and granola
  •  Kiwi, grape, and pineapple Waldorf salad
  •  Homemade jams and jellies with homemade granola served with peanut butter honey spreads accompanying the fresh breads and muffins
  •  Coffee, orange juice, milk, and Very-Berry Orange Juice served in flutes


These are just some of our offerings! You may be surprised with other delicious breakfast items during your stay.
Food is prepared in a kitchen that is exempt from regulations from the Health Department.