Until further notice we are only opening one room to minimize exposure to Covid-19 and do proper sanitation. Payments are take online, upon arrival you must be wearing a mask required in all public spaces. Entering the home you will immediately see a hands free dispenser of 90% alcohol you must use before we continue to show you the spaces you are able to use. Guests will come in contact with one person only as other staff being few have their own entry and do not enter the spaces given to guests use for enjoyment. All breakfasts are now served in bed keeping the open kitchen and dining off limits as that is where my assistant and I prepare your breakfast and treats. Temperature checks are non contact thermometers all guests upon check in and throughout their stay will be given as well as anyone else on property. We keep others who come on property to a minimum and they all follow the same procedures of masks, gloves and temp checks. As well as not allowed into spaces set aside for your enjoyment. The screened in porch is there for your enjoyment as well as all the grounds including fire pit, trails, and hot tub under the stars. Richmond County Health Dept. has told me yes our in-line bromine system will kill Covid-19 so you can feel safe in using it. However the cover like any other surface requires proper cleaning like any other surface in your rooms. Please use with care and know I clean the surface prior to your arrival and after. The same goes for sanitizing your room to the best of our ability. Products used to STERILIZE Covid-19 would damage fabrics but hard surfaces can be cleaned without damage. In your rooms you may take your masks off as well as outside. Since you are the only guests social distancing is not so much a issue other then when I bring breakfast to your room where it is set outside your door on a resting table. Please leave the same tray there so I can be the one to pick it up and clean it properly. No one is allowed in the Kitchen/dining or living room until we know more about this virus or there is herd immunity. What we can offer is that you wont be coming into contact with 20 other guests and 10 more staff behind the scenes. All proper measures are taken for clean up and proper PPE has been bought months and months ago in preparation for what we thought OSHA would be sending out as extreme guidelines but due to product availability they have lessened the guidelines. Just know we were purchasing the products needed within weeks of news about Covid-19. Other hotels that say they are able to STERILIZE Covid-19 are not being truthful. Even the fog vector machines seen in YouTube clips do nothing to kill Covid-19. And sadly the spraying of such is primarily just killing our pollen helping bees and other helpful insects. Just another concern to give thought to during this time of a pandemic could we see food shortages in the future due to these devices spraying a mist in our open spaces? We will not use such things that OSHA's own reports say have no effect. This is our policy and the best we can aim for. We hope you choose to stay at Serendipity and understand our costs has risen as these products are not cheap nor is the PPE required for the clean ups. But in that you get Serendipity to yourselves for complete enjoyment gourmet goodies, top notch service and luxury amenities!