At The Serendipity Inn you can relax outdoors as well as inWalking trails at The Serendipity Inn

The many spaces for you to enjoy and luxury amenities our guests rate us so highly for. All for your enjoyment! Fire pit, Everyone's favorite the screened in sun porch, welcome arrival treats like salted caramel rum cake, outdoor spa tub, mood lighting from the decks to the spa showers, hiking trails, picnic spots, as you can see from the picture taken from above just how expansive the property is and you still don't see how far into the woods it continues on down to the creek. And of course the high end yet Eco-conscious amenities like spa robes, Energy-star rated rainfall shower heads, our high end toiletries still but now in the Environmental conservation form of mounted dispensers holding Eco friendly products that are free of additives that are not kind to the environment & the always mentioned towel warmers!

Please note we are a Eco Inn Green Certified. You will receive upon check in our efforts to reduce waste and harmful effects to the earth. From LED lighting, recycling, asking you to ask for new towels when needed cutting down on wash cycles to where our efforts are in education on greener living and how you can help!