Benjamin Mead the Quaker Merchant

Isaac Bates: Plantation

William Harrison, James Bates, the Flemming blood line of Skimino and how it eventually lead to Bates descendants mixed with the Harrison blood line several generations later freeing their slaves at York County Court House in 1785, possibly providing for the start of the first free black community in Williamsburg. More facts to come and citations to the "Harrisons Being a Memoir of an American Family Aris Sonis Forisque" as well as the well documented W&M Archaeology dig "The Bates Site: Investigation of a Quaker Merchant. By Patricia Samford.  Land not to far from the site was said to be the largest plantation of Isaac Bates. Known to be prosperous planters and land holders in York County The Bates tract being quite large may be what the large Aquin sandstone boundary marker identifies at Serendipity Inn's hill top.